About Us



Mrs. Rajalakshmi Srinivasan is a Founder-Director of “LAMP”. She started her career as ‘Financial cum Property consultant’ and out of her own interest she wanted to secure her customers’ properties as long as they use for their own purpose and keen on their monitory benefit by giving suggestions for returns on their valuable investment.

The core professional team across India headed by Mrs. Rajalakshmi Srinivasan having two decades of experience in property management and implemented her innovative idea to take care of the ‘hard earned members’ assets in all aspects, showed her credential by our “LAMP” members through sample customer successes.

At the outset, ‘LAMP’ welcome all property owners to become our honorable members and safeguard their immovable assets from unauthorized occupants and land grabbers.

‘LAMP’ is built on five basic principles:


1. To desist from the purchase of encumbrance properties
2. To secure your property from unauthorized occupants.
3. To update your regarding statutory changes and government notification
4. To identify the genuine builders and real estate promoters
5. To collect revenues from property and paying taxes / dues on your behalf.
6. To educate about the installment scheme for purchasing plots etc.,
7. To inform about the authenticity of the documents.
8. To get actual explanation of your land and building (for both plans and executions)
9. To know the actual history of your land and building through our land and legal experts with proven records.
10. To know the current status of your land and building with photos and evident proof relevant documents like EC, Patta, Chitta adangal etc.,
11. To find more information about your home/land/project/mortgage finance providers
12. To suggest prospective IRDA insurers
13. Briefing dispute referral about legal opinion on property transactions. Rental/sale/lease & joint venture agreements/contracts.
14. To inform about the existence/life of the power of attorney for existing and prospective property
15. To find actual report on your third party collateral documents
16. To inform about the modalities of revenue and land documentation.
17. To inform about statutory approvals of property plans (Panchayat, DTCP and metro authorities)
18. To make special security arrangements for your properties on request (for both land and building)
19. To buy or sell your properties through professional dealings and to advertise on your behalf.
20. At the outset to save your hard earned asset and valuable time.